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You may think that Sewsirius is inspired by Harry Potter, but alas no, it’s from the twin star Sirius. I’ve always been intrigued by the Ancient Egyptians and their God/Goddesses and the movement and sightings of Sirius was central to their way of life. I like to think that my helping you to improve your enjoyment of sewing is like the two stars each separate but both needing the other to support and stabilise them.

I have been sewing since I was seven years old which is just shy of 50 years ago! I learnt because I wanted a particular soft toy and my mum hadn’t the time to make me one so she suggested I make one myself...and so I did! Unfortunately that toy lion has long since got lost with leaving home and with house moves, but it started a fire within me that loved being able to create what I wanted. While at school I had a babysitting job which easily paid of fabric and I started to teach myself how to make clothes that looked good. An aunt introduced me to Burda Moden magazine, and suddenly my wardrobe was on the cutting edge of fashion (back then UK fashion was about 1-2 years behind the Continent).

I then focused on my nursing career and sewing took a bit of a backseat for a few years until I discovered machine embroidery. My mum helped me buy my first embroidery/sewing machine combo and my love for sewing continued. I set myself a goal to not make any clothing purchases for myself and to steadily make my “Own Sewn Wardrobe”. This blog is a record of that journey as well as how to master the various techniques along the way, with me making the mistakes so you don’t have to! As a family we have also made a commitment to become more environmentally friendly and this journey can be found here too.

So welcome to my World of Sewing and Creativity, I hope you enjoy the ride!

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